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a song so big in one so small

i prefer a little noise

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Ilse Neumann
21 January 1990
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Brown eyes. Pretty with messy reddish-brown hair. Petite, but womanly.

Inventory Upon Arrival:
+ A floral-printed frock with paint stains
+ A set of Victorian undergarments for young ladies
+ A pair of sky blue stockings
+ A worn leather satchel filled with:
+ A green frock
+ A pair of black stockings
+ Moritz’s gun
+ A compact with mirror and blush
+ Lipstick

Entering post-Spring's Awakening

Ilse is at an interesting place in her life. She no longer lives among the artists, but with Melchior and Wendla, who are engaged to be married. Never one to marry herself, she is happy to help her old friends. She still takes on modeling jobs but is trying to find her place in the world.

Ilse's Wendla is girlin_bloom
Her Melchior is sucha_radical
She is open for play with anyone else, but please do not be offended if she doesn't recognize you.

Do not own anything. This is a journal purely for rpg purposes.

PROFILE: Banner credit to champagneyes

Social capital

  • less than 10